Calibre Technology not only offers NATA accredited acoustic calibration services and a wide range of environmental monitoring equipment available for rental. We also have a range of products for various environmental monitoring requirements.

  • Dust Fallout Samplers
  • Odour Sampling Drums

Dust Deposition (Fallout) Gauge

Dust Deposition (Fallout) Gauge

Price: $ 550 plus delivery and GST

Description: Dust Deposition Gauge, manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 3580.10.1:2003 Australian/New Zealand Standard Methods for sampling and analysis of ambient air, Method 10.1: Determination of particulate matter — Deposited matter — Gravimetric method.

Each deposition gauge includes the following:

  • Stainless Steel Stand (1),
  • With Removable Legs (3),
  • Stainless Steel Bird Guard (1),
  • Light Shade (1) (used with clear glass bottles to limit algal growth)
  • Opaque Glass Sample Bottle (1),
  • Glass Funnel (1) and
  • Stopper (1).

Available for Immediate Delivery.

Dust Deposition (Fallout) Gauge

Odour Sampling Evacuated Drum System

Price: $ 750 plus delivery and GST

Description: Sampling apparatus for collecting odours, developed in accordance with the 'lung principle' as described in Australian/New Zealand Standard AS4323 Stationary source emissions Part 3: Determination of odour concentration by dynamic olfactometry.

The ‘lung principle’ involves a sample collection procedure whereby the sample bag is placed in a rigid container, the air is removed from the container using a vacuum pump, the reduced pressure in the container causes the bag to fill with a volume of sample equal to that which has been removed from the container.

The sample apparatus comprises a stainless steel drum with stainless steel Swagelock fittings for connection of odour bags and for evacuation of the drum prior to sampling. A viewing window is provided to allow observation of the odour sample bag during filling.

Availability: 2 weeks from receipt of order.